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16 things that everyone else does too

We’re onto you.

1. Runs up the stairs in the dark

Everyone knows you’re safe once you get to the top.

stairs Source: Imgur

2. Writes “this is a nice pen” with a new pen

Or their name. Seventeen times.


3. Tries to carry 7 heavy plastic bags in one go, rather than make two trips to the car

Think of all those precious seconds and calories saved.


4. Drops their phone on their face in bed

You might even do it while reading this article.

tumblr_m73y8vwDNp1rtn3rqo1_500 Source: Polished

5. Loves when there’s a bit of powder left at the end of a Cup-A-Soup

It’s just so tasty.

cup-a-soup Source: lotusutol

6. This, when they’re caught staring at someone

men-caught-staring-3-39 Source: Rsvlts

7. Deletes their whole password after typing one letter wrong

And then you type it wrong twice more, just to really get your rage up.


8. Panics when Word asks “do you want to save changes” even though you didn’t make any changes

What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?


PanicLionKing Source: Colinandyenyen

9. Imagines themselves performing their favourite song to an adoring audience

In this scenario you’ve also become a master at guitar/piano.

tumblr_inline_mwsuo04i0T1qacwp5 Source: Tumblr

10. Laughs instead of asking someone to repeat something a second time



men2 Source: Shutterstock.com

11. Makes faces at babies when nobody’s looking

“I’m making faces at you baby, and there’s nothing you can do about it”.

face Source: imgur

12. Panics when the baby starts crying

“Oh NO. Walk away quickly but calmly. QUICKLY BUT CALMLY”.


13. Buys a cinema ticket, then forgets where they’ve put it when they get to the ticket checker

It was literally just in your hand.

agh Source: Wordpress

14. Looks in every drawer and press when they check into a hotel room

drawer Source: Shutterstock.com

15. Puts off listening to voicemails

Enough with the voicemails. NOTHING is that important.

E2Hl57n Source: Imgur

16. Tries to tickle themselves, after reading that they can’t tickle themselves

You’re trying this right now, aren’t you?

PhineasYes Source: PhotoBucket

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