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10 things absolutely everyone does after a breakup, not just you

All the pizza in bed. All of it.

ALL BY MYYYYSEEEELLLF, don’t wanna live all by myyyyseeelllf, anymooooore…

The stages of a breakup area always the same – people might tell you to get outside and enjoy yourself, but in reality there’s nothing better than a good wallow.

1. Eat absolute sh*te

#pizzainbed #afterwork #besthusbandever Source: Instagram/mminka92

Pizza in bed! You might get a little garlic dip on the sheet, but who cares, right?

2. Consider writing a drippy Instagram/Facebook post

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3. Go on one mad sesh that ends in tears*

large Source: Whicdn

*The tears may be literal or figurative.

Your pals will toss a coin to see who has to bring you home, and no one will be happy about it.

4. Wake up from that mad sesh to discover the Inbox of Shame

tw7wtCy Source: Imgur

And the worst thing is – they haven’t replied. *prays for the sweet release of death*

5. Make a dodgy Spotify playlist filled with ballads


An eclectic mix of Mariah Carey, Bright Eyes, and Miley Cyrus. Just gonna stick that one on private.

6. Say you’ll “show them”

hardcore Source: BlogSpot

You’re gonna prove to them that you’re over it! (You’re not over it.)

7. Get an ill-advised haircut/start growing a beard

tumblr_mk8g9gPmsL1qf9op4o1_400 Source: Tumblr

Look at you. You’re showing them.

8. Block, then unblock, then block your ex again

Report-Hide-Block-Unfriend-Person-From-Facebook Source: Techhelpmadeeasy

It just seems so drastic. But essential! But drastic.

9. Interrupt normal conversations with “But can you just BELIEVE that?”

tumblr_inline_nim181fpcl1r1uc0k Source: Tumblr

You can’t stop talking about them for two seconds. Congratulations, you’ve become the worst friend in the world.

10. And finally, get the hell over it

Anchorman Source: Mashable

*You Can Call Me Al begins to play*

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