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12 things everyone does when they get to a hotel room

We’ve ALL been there. Figuratively.

1. Battles with the room door

You’ve lugged your bags all the way down a winding corridor and you’re finally standing outside the room. You’re wrecked and can’t wait to jump into the shower.

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Now if only the key card would actually OPEN the door.

2. Flicks every light switch to figure out how they all work

Is that one on the left for the bathroom or the bedroom? What does that one by the window do?

Source: Wikimedia

And most importantly, do they work WITHOUT the key card?

3. Flops down on the bed to test it out

When searching for a hotel room all you’re really looking for is a place to rest your head so heaven knows you’re going to want to see if you’ve made the right choice.

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Flopping down on the bed and testing the pillows is an ESSENTIAL part of the experience. You’d be mad not to give it a go, almost fall asleep, and then insist that you need to get up and “make the most of the time we’ve got here”.

4. Has a good hard look in every drawer and press

Curiosity tends to kick in fairly quickly when you arrive. Will there be enough space to hang all the clothes? Has someone else left anything behind? Are there spare pillows and blankets?

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There’s only one way to find out: Inspect those drawers. Thoroughly.

5. Looks for the Bible

They say there’s one in every hotel room in the world and you’re always curious to find out if they’re telling the truth.

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Sometimes you’ll get a lot more than you bargained for.

6. Assesses the free stuff on offer

Making a beeline for the bathroom to check out the toiletries is a must.

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Some hotels have developed notions and stuck dispensers on the walls, but others still appreciate the lure of those all important small items.

If there’s no sewing kit or tiny shower hat worth smuggling home in the suitcase it’s just NOT worth it.

7. Cautiously surveys the contents of the mini bar

Whatever you do, don’t move anything. For all you know it’s already cost you €20 just to open that tiny door.

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8. Tries to distinguish between the bath mat and the towels

Sometimes it’s not as easy as you might think.

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9. Checks for a kettle

Tea and coffee making facilities are essential, even if you’re never going to use them. It’s KNOWING you have option to boil the kettle that’s key.

Source: Pravasi Today

Have they given you decent tea? Is there any fancy coffee? How about a seriously snazzy sachet of hot chocolate? And most importantly, is there any milk?

10. Tests out the TV

If you’re not planning to spend to many wild nights on the town during your travels then a working television will be high on your list of essentials.

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It won’t be long before you pick up the remote, hope the batteries in it are working, and attempt to navigate your way past that pesky menu.

In foreign countries you’ll happily settle for ONE English speaking channel, even if it means watching rolling news 24/7.

11. Gives the safety deposit box a seriously cautious test run

Keeping the valuables safe and sound while you enjoy your holiday is rather important, but so is being able to get them back out of the safe when you’re heading home.


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It’s always best to play around with the buttons for a while first, preferably without anything valuable inside…

12. Snaps a photo to share with their friends online

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Because nothing says “I’m on holiday” like a humble brag.

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