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20 things I thought I'd be able to do by the time I was 25

You mean it all doesn’t just become clear? How rude.

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1. Confidently walk past a group of youths without feeling like they’re going to make fun of my very existence

2. Enjoy eating salad

3. Save up for chic ‘investment pieces’ that will last me for years, instead of buying millions of tops with eyeballs and cats on them from H&M

4. Answer the question ‘So how are things with you?’ with some degree of competency

5. Make appointments promptly

6. Actually use a diary for said appointments, instead of meticulously keeping it for two weeks then forgetting about it

7. Be one of those people who enjoys exercise, and gets up early on the weekend to run

8. Use up a whole bag of spinach before it goes out of date

9. Style my own hair. When did everyone learn how to do complicated French plaits? Why wasn’t I invited???

10. Budget. For anything. But I’m really glad I learned how to draw up a Profit and Loss Account for a small company in Business Studies. Very useful

11. Eat a meal at a restaurant as it appears on the menu, and not ask for things to be taken off or put to the side

12. Say ‘Hi’ to someone I pass on the street without it coming out all high pitched and squeaky

13. Make a very simple recipe that I’ve made thousands of times without Googling it first

14. Change bedsheets in a simple and efficient manner. But I’m starting to think that might not be possible

15. Fold and put away my clothes after wearing them, and not just surrender them to The Chair

16. Correctly estimate how long it’ll take me to get somewhere, so I’m not standing around 15 minutes early hoping people know I’m waiting for friends. I have friends!

the chair Source: crazy hyena

17. Talk to my parents’ friends who have known me since I was a baby and can’t believe how the years have flown in a way that isn’t “Ha… yeah”

18. Finish talking about something without saying “…so yeah”

19. Conquer spots once and for all

20. And figure out what comes next in the alphabet without having to start at the very beginning. Why is this still an ongoing problem?

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