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10 things Ireland needs the world to know about food

Just learning about black pudding? There’s a lot more to know about Irish food.

EARLIER TODAY, PEOPLE across the globe were introduced to the wonder that is black pudding via this post on Imgur.

KyALPCI Imgur Imgur

We were sort of worried about how much people DIDN’T know about Irish food, so we’ve compiled an important list. Pay attention, world.

Hunger is the best sauce? No. SAUCE is the best sauce

Gravy. White sauce. Ketchup. Mayonnaise. Curry. Irish people are in a love affair with sauce.

knorr_white_sauce Mbbargains Mbbargains

Some might ask why we don’t make the food nice to begin with, to which we say: FLIP OFF. And put some sauce on it.

We make the BEST sandwiches

Don't act like u never made one #SugarSandwich Instagram / deshawnpryor Instagram / deshawnpryor / deshawnpryor

Crisp sandwiches. Sugar sandwiches. Sandwiches that are just ketchup and bread, yet still somehow better than any other country’s sandwiches.

‘Al dente’ is a dirty word in most Irish households

boiledveg Flickr / sintages Flickr / sintages / sintages

You won’t find a crunchy carrot or chewy piece of pasta from Dublin to Cork. It’s not how it’s done here (and possibly why we like sauce so much).

A salad is mostly ham, cheese, eggs, and Chef salad cream

Sorry, were you hoping for some more leaves? LOL!

Kerry Doyle - Photos/Videos of Oh my god what a complete... | Facebook Facebook / Kerry Doyle/OMGWACA Facebook / Kerry Doyle/OMGWACA / Kerry Doyle/OMGWACA

Salad is also considered a summer dish in Ireland, for when it’s “too hot to be cooking”.

Meat is cooked to perfection when you can only cut it with one of these

ElectricCarvingKnife Wikimedia Wikimedia

The noise of the electric carving knife = the noise of many Irish children’s childhoods.

But we can get fancy when we want to

#chapteronedublin Instagram / sarahgrahamgram Instagram / sarahgrahamgram / sarahgrahamgram

Ireland has a rake of Michelin-starred restaurants, including Chapter One in Dublin (pictured above), Loam in Galway, and DeanesEipic in Belfast.

Most regions have one food item special to them

Amazing spread at @dublinklaw. Oysters from Galway, Doncaster and Waterford. Instagrma / thetastypress Instagrma / thetastypress / thetastypress

Dublin has coddle, Waterford has the blaa, Louth and Galway give us the best oysters… Just a few things you’ll learn around here.

The Purple Snack vs Club Milk debate can make or break you


Choose your side carefully.

‘Hangover food’ is an important food group in and of itself

No filter needed for the Spice Bag #unbelievable #spicebag #sunflower Instagram / suzmcquaid Instagram / suzmcquaid / suzmcquaid

Sausage rolls, spice bags, chicken fillet rolls are special foods (mostly) reserved for when you’re feeling *delicate*.

And do NOT challenge anyone on their mam’s cooking

Everyone’s mam’s food is the best food. There can be no questions or comments about this. Keep that in mind, and we’ll all get along fine.

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