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24 things that Irish mams love
Happy Mother’s Day, all you wonderful mams.

So here's the thing. We still don't have a Christmas tree but have opted for a completely unnecessary draught excluder. But with reindeer on it to make it more seasonal #iwillbuyanything #christmas #draughtexcluder #kitchen Instagram / mrs_vickie_smith Instagram / mrs_vickie_smith / mrs_vickie_smith

1. Draught excluders

2. Keeping fancy carrier bags

3. Your hair being ‘off your face’

4. The Paul Costelloe Living collection from Dunnes even though it’s fierce notiony

5. Sharing wine memes on Facebook

6. Saving you clippings and supplements from the paper (and posting them up to you if she thinks you need to see them with haste)

7. Signing off texts with ‘mam’. Just in case you forgot who she is

8. Shortening ‘thank god’ to ‘TG’ in texts to save space


9. Saving leftover spuds to make potato salad

10. Treating themselves to a nice blow dry when they’re off somewhere fancy

11. Mary Black

12. Commenting on the amount of stuff you bring down home for the weekend (it’s always too much)


13. Saying ‘please god’. “I’ll see you in the morning, please god.”

14. Pashminas

15. Reminding you not to eat meat on Ash Wednesday

16. Telling relatives trying to give you money to “Put that AWAY now. There’s NO NEED.” Yeah cheers for that Nuala

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17. Saving people’s phone numbers with names like ‘Breda F Mob’

18. Opening any post that arrives for you at home in case it’s important

19. Swearing but not really swearing. “That BLINKING cat.”

20. Neven Maguire

3/4/2014 Chef Neven Maguire at the Av Photocall Ireland Photocall Ireland

21. Making you send thank you cards

22. Asking if you’re coming down with something

23. Downton Abbey

24. Saying “Who’s she? The cat’s mother?”

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