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9 things Irish people will never admit to

The deepest, darkest secrets of the Irish mind.

ONLY TO VERY close friends. Or when they’re drunk.

1. Liking U2

u2 002- Source: ©Doug Peters/allactiondigital.co

Until they announce some concerts at home, that is. Then, you’ve always liked them. And you didn’t delete the new album off your iPhone. Swear.

2. That they actually WILL fly Ryanair again

Wall Street Ryanair He knows. Source: Richard Drew/PA Wire

We’ve all dramatically flounced away from a check-in desk in fury, promising never to give money to Michael O’Leary again… Until the next seat sale.

3. Not knowing every single word of Amhrán Na bhFiann

Fianna Fail's annual Arbour Hill Easter Rising Commemoration Source: PA WIRE

The relief when everyone in Croke Park just gives up on the last line and roars. Are we right, or are we right?

4. That there’s ’any craic’


Person 1: “Howaya! Any craic?”
Person 2, literally about to get married to the love of their life that very day: “God no, divil a bit.”

5. Watching and enjoying the Late Late


‘Enjoying’ is the key word here. You can watch it, and maybe find the guests satisfactory, but not acknowledging that it’s “USUALLY awful” is highly suspect.

6. That it actually is pouring rain

Finally getting some irish rain #corkcity #irishrain #buseireann #onthewaytokillarney Source: Instagram/marga.rete

“It’s misting.” “It’s drizzling.” No, it’s bucketing down.

7. Preferring fancy crisps over Tayto

tayto Source: DailyEdge.ie

It’s frowned upon, but it happens.

8. Enjoying spending time with their other half

When you’re alone:

tumblr_muaw7vREO61rqycx9o1_500 Source: Tumblr

When you’re with friends:

I can’t go, the missus wants me to go shopping with her. *rolls eyes*
No, I have to go with Himself to some family do. *rolls eyes*

9. And not getting a Father Ted reference

tumblr_m1ja6g10231r3qqywo1_500 Source: Tumblr

It’s just not right! We’re supposed to know these things!

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