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8 things men do that absolutely baffle women

Fascinating creatures, men.

DESPITE US WOMEN thinking we have men all figured out, time and again we’re proved wrong.

Some things about you guys we’ll just never, ever understand.

Honestly enjoying discussions about farts and poos

talking about poos Source: Shutterstock

Women can laugh at a good fart joke like anybody else, but it’s weird how you want to describe the specific smells and sounds and shapes of your bathroom activities.

Sitting with their hands down their pants

One that we revisit time and again to ponder over. How is this satisfying? How is it not just smelly and sweaty?

Seeing everything as a challenge

M2LiH Source: Imgur

Eight heavy bags of shopping. Two hands. One trip from the car to the house. It will be done.

Recognising only like, four colours

shadesofred Source: digitalsynopsis.com

Everything from orange to burgundy to magenta is just ‘red’. Turquoise, teal, mint – green. There is no difference.

Turning your underpants inside out

pauline_uni_1800x1800 Source: Blacksocks

To get the extra day. We understand the basic idea, but still. BUT STILL.

Refusing to ask for directions

giphy Source: Giphy

You got dis. Except when you don’t got dis.

Playing gross pranks on their friends

And remain friends with them.

Steve West - Mobile Uploads | Facebook Source: Facebook/Steve West


Zoning out with extreme ease

Drax_I-wasnt-listening Source: Horsecollaborative

There one minute, gone the next. It’d be impressive if it wasn’t so annoying.

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