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11 truths only oldest sisters will understand


1. You saw all your favourite clothes go to your baby sisters

You: “But I love that t-shirt!”
Your mam: “It’s TOO SMALL.”
*little sister grins smugly*

2. But you did get all new clothes when you needed them

tumblr_lqq1n5E3JX1qi97guo1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

And then it was your turn to grin smugly.

3. Meaning you were your sisters’ number one fashion icon for quite some time

High school nostalgia. Lol! I had these in a few different colors. I thought I was so punk rock!! #skaterchic #octopuspants #punkrock #idstillrockem #love #simplertimes Instagram / sublime_shelby Instagram / sublime_shelby / sublime_shelby

Alas, by the time they could get their hands on your octopus pants that they envied so much in 2001, they were well and truly out of style.


Parent+Trap+switch BlogSpot BlogSpot

Yes she was. And it’s taken you about 20 years to realise that that’s because she thought you were cool.

5. You knew (and still know) just what to say to annoy your younger sisters

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“And what about Jonathan? Is he your BOYFRIEND?” “MAAAAAAAAAAM!”

6. Being the oldest, you thought up all the games and schemes

frozen-gif Wordpress Wordpress

7. But the minute you deemed yourself too old for playing you shut it down

build a snowman Pinterest Pinterest

7. You got away with nothing, and they got away with everything

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Every move you made as a teen was subject to rules and restrictions. But them? They were let RUN RIOT. Not fair.

8. The first time you saw little sisters get drunk and/or go on dates, you were completely freaked out

But they’re children? How is this even allowed?

9. And you’re still fiercely protective of them

a05c1550-8882-0132-43f7-0ebc4eccb42f Imgix Imgix

You wouldn’t consider yourself a fighter, but you’d definitely take on anyone who hurt them.

10. You may not always get on…

giphy Giphy Giphy

11. …But having them on your team makes everything better

pride-prejudice-jane Theflickchicks Theflickchicks

Having a built in friend, for those boring family events and beyond, is the best part.

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