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14 things that are probably still hanging around in your childhood bedroom

So many precious items!

YOUR MAM HAS probably been asking you to clear out your childhood bedroom for years (if they haven’t already turned it into a home office or something).

So why don’t you do it? You might find some of these treasures.

1. An ancient CD player with radio and tape deck

AskShareGive-6145 Source: Asksharegive

Your pride and joy, once upon a time.

2. And at least one random, cringey CD single to go along with it

chad-kroeger-josey-scott-cd-single-hero-2002-usado-D_NQ_NP_13956-MLB3232690510_102012-F Source: Mlstatic

I, for example, can’t ever remember purchasing Hero by Chad Kroeger (featuring Josey Scott, of course. Never forget). But it’s there.

3. Glow-in-the-dark stars

Bet you didn’t think when you were sticking them to the ceiling all the way back in 2001 that you’d still be looking at them 16 years later. They’d survive a nuclear blast.

4. A relic (or five) from your emo/goth phase

$_3 Source: Ebay

Some Nightmare Before Christmas memorabilia maybe, or a Green Day sticker you put on your door in spite of your mother’s concerns about ruining the paint. Ah. Memories.

5. A ‘diary’ you started as a younger child that you mostly used to chronicle what you watched on TV

CtWyyWlXgAA3U4o Source: Valerie Loftus/DailyEdge.ie

Or your thoughts about the Spice Girls getting married. That too.

6. And another one packed full of teenage angst

“Caoimhe told Shane who told David who told Robert that I liked him, but I actually don’t!!! Why is everyone SO annoying!!”

7. A prayer book you were given for your Communion or Confirmation

first-communion-prayer-book-for-girls-3025134 Source: Trinityroad

It just seems wrong to throw it out, somehow?

See also: A Communion/Confirmation-themed piece of Newbridge Silverware, rosary beads, one of these porcelain dolls.

8. Your Junior Cert Art project

Again, seems wrong to throw it out. You put so much work into it! It was your masterpiece!

9. Your debs dress/suit


10. A couple of old mobile phones you kept ‘just in case’

Gamle mobilen min #nokia3310 #gode #gamle #dager

A post shared by Mariell Hagen (@mariellhagen) on

Someday someone will desperately need a Nokia 3410 (and a Playboy phone case to go with it) and then you’ll be sorry you got rid of it.

11. And a bunch of random currency

Spanish pesetas you carefully stowed away for the next time, not knowing that the EU was about to come in and ruin your savings plan.

12. Leaving Cert notes

The fear of repeating had you hanging on to them even as you passed, got your course, graduated said course, and started actually being an adult. JUST IN CASE.

13. Empty bottles of drink

Evidence of teenage rebellion. You weren’t even supposed to have them, therefore you couldn’t risk putting them in the bin!

14. And some Beanie Babies you were assured would be worth a lot of money one day

You’re still waiting for that day.

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