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19 little things every girl has done while tipsy


1. Made a Snapchat story that is 50% flashing club lights, 50% indecipherable shouting

2. Decided you were hardy enough to go out without a jacket. You definitely were not

3. Realised “Ooh, I’m drunk” while sitting on the toilet

4. Taken some ‘sultry’ selfies in the toilet cubicle that turn out to be just plain mortifying

5. Called a taxi driver ‘Mr Taxi Man’

6. Tried to get said Taxi Man to tell you about his life, but end up telling him all about yours

7. Told the Taxi Man to “TURN UP THE RADIO” so you could roar along to something

8. Thought you were being super stealth about secretly eating chips in the back seat (spoiler alert: you weren’t)

Random lol xx #mcdonaldschips

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9. Made friends with a girl in the toilets through a) complimenting her in some way or b) comforting her in some way

10. Taken a selfie with the girl you befriended in the toilets, then got thoroughly confused on seeing it the next day. Who is that woman

11. Scrolled through your Instagram/Facebook timeline and liked everything that came up because everyone looks so good and it’s just so nice!!

12. Looked at yourself in the bathroom mirror towards the end of the night and thought “I WAS BEAUTIFUL EXACTLY ONE HOUR AGO, WHAT HAPPENED?”

13. Tried to recreate the entire dance from Single Ladies, including this bit:

singleladies Source: YouTube

14. Claimed to be able to do a handstand/the splits/the worm and insisted everyone watch you do it

15. Attempted to start a sing song by mangling an Irish trad classic

16. Ordered six nuggets, two different types of burgers, twisty fries and a sundae, and eaten half of it

I did a 7-mile tempo run at 7:30 min/mi this morning, but that seems like a walk in the park compared to wearing these bad boys all day while hosting a symposium. #runnergirl #running #dressup #heelsaretheworst #happierinrunningshoes #justgradschoolthings #justrunnerthings Source: Instagram/annarunsforpie

17. Stood on the pavement in bare feet, even for a minute, to rest your poor feet

18. Made plans to get brunch at 12pm the next day, because you were totally going to be up and about by then

19. Knew as soon as you made said plans that you’d be in pyjamas until at least 3pm. But it’s the thought that counts

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