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sex ed

12 things women want men to know about sex

Don’t pat us on the head when we’re *down there*, for a start.

GATHER ROUND, fellas. It’s time for a very important Sex Ed lesson. The kind they don’t bother teaching you in school.

Whether you’re looking for a one-night-stand or in a long-term relationship, every man needs to understand a few key things about women and sex.

1. First off –  a lot of women just can’t climax through intercourse alone

While-Jon-Hamm-Bridesmaids-totally-knows Popsugar Popsugar

So don’t get huffy if it doesn’t happen. It seriously has nothing to do with you!

These women also don’t need your sympathy. They need you to do some WORK, if you know what we mean.

2. There’s no need to be self-conscious about your size

tksL1Cp Imgur Imgur

It’s the motion in the ocean. Remember this.

3. Women have hair, they sweat, and they make smells

sweatinglikeapig Pinterest Pinterest

We’ll apologise for not shaving our legs, but secretly we do not care at all. *shrugs*

4. They want sex just as much as men do

1339852631374662_animate Imgfave Imgfave

The idea that sex is something men want and women just put up with is old-fashioned and just plain silly. Of course we like sex. It’s fun.

5. But it can be hard to switch off at times

il_570xN.319390970 Etsy Etsy

Men seem to be able to completely pack all of the worries of the day away when it’s time for sex. Good on ye!

Some of us are not so great at that, so please be patient while we make like Britney and get In The Zone.

9676ef70-af16-0132-4552-0ebc4eccb42f Bustle Bustle

6. And ‘no’ is definitely no

We’ll just go through this again: consent = good.

7. The clitoris is a sensitive thing

Don’t do this:

tumblr_m726xuQ0701rsy50k Ow :( Tumblr Tumblr

Unless you’re instructed to do so, of course. Accept direction.

8. Do NOT push our heads during a blowjob

tumblr_mwk7wxV3Ex1qdtmtzo10_500 Tumblr Tumblr

Again, it’s a myth that every woman hates giving blowjobs. We just don’t like you patting us on the head like a dog during them.

9. Saying you ‘don’t do’ oral sex is laughable

giphy Giphy Giphy

It goes both ways! Be sound.

10. “I don’t like the feeling of condoms” is not an excuse

pbe5kcf-375x500 Imgur Imgur

Let’s all take a leaf from this girl’s book:

“Condoms are gross; they’re messy, I hate them.”
“So are babies.”

11. Ask us if you’re not sure something’s working


If you’re afraid you’re not doing something right, make yourself heard. It doesn’t ruin the mood. We promise.

12. And if you want to try something new…

(Yes, we’re using two pictures of Samantha Jones from Sex and the City in this. Let us away.)

enhanced-buzz-921-1382636716-4 Buzzfeed Buzzfeed

Guess what? ASK. The worst thing we can do is say no.

Don’t worry men – you’ll have your say next…

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