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9 things everyone does when it rains on holiday

It would be bucketing down outside and you’d be doing one of these things.

WHETHER YOU GOT to holiday down the country or even abroad when you were younger then chances are you were scared of one thing.

The rain.

The rain could put a halt to all manner of holiday related fun you had planned outdoors and could be a total headwrecker.

Mind you, it did mean that all sorts of things could happen indoors.

Here are some of the things you’d do when rain threatened to ruin your holiday.

1. Board games

Flickr / Mark Scott

You’d rarely get to play the best board game.

It was always some ropey old board game that was stuck in the house / tiny villa / caravan you were stuck in due to the downpour.


2.  Watching weird TV

If you were at home you’d have your mind opened to the weird world of daytime TV and shows about antiques, American talkshows were people seemed to only communicate in screams or really bad kids movies from the early 70s.

If you were abroad you’d get a mix of the same or experience the weird world of seeing your favourite cartoons dubbed into a different language.

Enrique12333 / YouTube

3. Reading books

Flickr / anyjazz65

It wouldn’t be a book you actually wanted to read but whatever strange novels were floating around your living quarters.

Usually a John Grisham book of some description or the biography of some light entertainment celebrity you’d never heard of.

4. Inventing new games

You’d take your Eye Spy and your Piggy in the Middle and create weird hybrid games called Piggy in the Eye Middle Spy or something where the rules were very flexible but also strictly enforced.

5. Fighting over games

via Shutterstock

Even if you stuck to reliable childhood games chances are a huge fight would break out.

Because you CAN’T just PASS GO when playing MONOPOLY because those AREN’T THE RULES!!

Or similar.

6. A feast of some kind

via Lidl

Whether it would be deciding now was the time to get stuck into the supply of Cadet Lemon and Lime (or even better, Red Lemonade) or just eat a pile of chocolate bars in one sitting, the rain was an excellent excuse for a big ol’ feast.

7.  Make and Do

If you were lucky enough to have the materials wherever you were staying (or if you were good at improvising) then you’d try and have your own episode of How Do You Do?

Mind you, it was never as good as this one:

Brian Greene / YouTube

8. Making a fort

Flickr / Ryo Chijiiwa

If there’s anything better than getting all the pillows in the house, a giant duvet and turning them into a fort in the middle of the sitting room then we don’t want to know.

And it was even better when you did it on a rainy day mid-holiday.

Bouns points if you made your mother livid with rage because you’d made a mess of all the beds.

9. Caravan disco

Failing all of the above, you’d throw on your tapes and have some kind of bop around the place.

And if you were in a caravan it basically looked like this:

Andrew Bevan / YouTube

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