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14 things you hated as a kid that you LOVE as an adult

Bedtime for a start.

THERE ARE SOME things that are universally true when you are a kid.

Bedtime is bad, Coco Pops are good, and your siblings exist to annoy you.

However, as time goes on your perspective changes and suddenly the things that seemed inconceivable in your youth become almost…dare we say it…attractive.

Here are 14 things you hated as a kid that you probably love as an adult.

Going to bed  (See also staying in bed in the morning, napping)

As a kid: “WHAT?!?  NO!!!!  I’m not even tired!  It’s not even dark yet!  THIS IS SO UNFAIR!”

As an adult: (At 8pm.) “Is it time to go to bed yet?”  *Tweets* CAN I GO TO BED YET?


Finishing your dinner

As a kid: “But I’m full!  And I don’t like it!  WELL SEND IT TO THE STARVING CHILDREN THEN!”

As an adult: “Is there any more?”



As a kid: “But we just went shopping last week!”

As an adult: “I’ll just pop into Penneys on my way home, I haven’t been there in a couple of days, they might have something new.”

Look how happy she is!  Shutterstock.com

The opposite sex

As a kid: The source of annoyance via prissyness/revolting behaviour.

As an adult: The source of fun and laughter and for some people, a whole lot more, ifyagetmydrift.

Flickr/allspice1/Creative Commons

Your siblings

As a kid: They beat you up, steal/wreck your stuff, and get you into trouble with your parents.

As an adult: They don’t beat you up anymore.

Flickr.com/*clairity*/Creative Commons

Non-sugary cereal

As a kid: “Why would anyone choose to eat Weetabix when they could have delicious chocolatey Weetos?”

As an adult: “It’s great, if I add some linseed into my muesli in the morning I get my Omega 3s in first thing in the morning!”

Flickr.com/TounoTouji/Creative Commons

Nature programmes

As a kid: “TV is for fun, not for LEARNING.”

As an adult: “This is just incredible, did you see that hummingbird’s wings last night?  They move so fast man, it was unbelievable!”

John Stillwell/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Having nothing to do

As a kid: “Mam, I’m BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED.  There’s nothing to dooooo…”

As an adult: “I have no plans tonight, it’s amazing, I’m just going to sit at home and do nothing.”

Flickr/Grzegorz Łobiński/Creative Commons

Watching the news

As a kid: “But WHY do we have to watch the news?  You watched it already!”

As an adult: “Will you switch on the news there?”


Anything in black and white

As a kid: BORING.

As an adult: “Have you seen the black and white version of Fargo?  I actually think it’s better.”

Going for a drive (often to go for a walk)

As a kid: “But where are we going?  Why?  This is stupid.  Why can’t we just walk here?”

As an adult: “Yeah we took a drive out around Connemara, it was a lovely way to finish off the weekend.”

This picture is, frankly, a lie.  Shutterstock.com

Trying new food

As a kid: “I just know I won’t like it.  I just know, ok?  Why can’t I just eat normal potatoes?”

As an adult: “So it looked like an orange, but it was really made out of this part of a pig that isn’t normally eaten.  It was amazing.”

Flickr.com/Nadia Phaneuf/Creative Commons

Getting your hair cut

As a kid: [Tantrum.]

As an adult: “I look GREAT!”

Flickr.com/stevendepolo/Creative Commons

Hugs and kisses

As a kid: Enforced saliva deposits on your cheek and being shoved into your aunty’s bosom.

As an adult: Snuggles and smooches with the object of your affection.


What did you hate as a kid that you love as an adult?  Tell us in the comments!

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