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10 things you'll find in every Irish woman's handbag

It’s a jungle in there.

IT’S A QUESTION that has plagued people for centuries: what exactly do women carry in those massive handbags?

Well, let us demystify that for you. Here are 10 things you will definitely find in every Irish girl’s handbag.

An ancient Garda ID, featuring her 18-year-old ghost

These things don’t age particularly well, do they?

noffla1 Source: Shelflife

Begrudgingly fished out every time a bouncer dares to ask for it.

And a student card, just in case

LeapCardImage Source: TCD

Sure, you graduated in 2009. But dem discounts!

Approximately 17 lip products

Oh. That’s where they all are.

About 15,000 of these, rocketing around loose

bobby pins Source: BlogSpot

You KNOW there are so many of them in there, yet when the time comes to find one? Nowhere to be seen. Where do you hide, oh bobby pins?

And around €20 in change

Opening your bag like:

anigif_optimized-17901-1418645123-9 Source: Buzzfeed

It’s only ever absolutely useless change though, like coppers. That’s the rule.

A random piece of forgotten-about food

That granola bar you brought to work the other day. A bruised apple you can’t remember ever placing there. Some cheese slices. Whatever.

Chewed-up gum, rolled in whatever piece of paper was around at the time

giphy Source: Giphy

Sometimes you just don’t have access to a bin. It’s better than littering, OK?

An unused diary

$_57 Source: eBay

Bought in January, filled out until February, and left to languish in your bag until December.

Nightclub receipts dating back several years

Aw, remember that time you spent €75 on shots in Dicey’s? Those were the days.

And a mysterious stain

B5Zxa6JIMAEVAu9 Source: Twitter/@LRCHarrogate

It COULD be foundation, but it also could be yoghurt. Who knows?

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