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Here's why these 13 celebs deserve to be on Time's 100 influential people list

Give us a lend.

TIME MAGAZINE HAS released its annual 100 most influential people list, and as usual there’s a smattering of celebs and showbiz types featured.

We’ve taken a look at why some of them deserve to be there…

1. Kanye West

West is listed as a Time 100 ‘Titan’ and explains his status by telling us that “everytime I say something that’s extremely truthful out loud it literally breaks the internet”.

So that’s one reason why he’s on the list. The other reasons are his singing, writing, producing, fashion designing, directing and partnership with Kim Kardashian (who’s also on the list).

Kanye West tops Glastonbury Bill Source: PA Wire/Press Association Images

2. Emma Watson

Harry Potter actress Watson (who’s in Time’s ‘Pioneer’ section of their list) celebrated her 25th birthday this week.

At a quarter of a century she’s been part of one of the biggest movie franchises ever. She’s an Ivy League graduate, she’s a fashion icon, she’s worth $60m, she’s the UN’s Women Goodwill Ambassador and a trailblazer for gender equality. Phew.

British Fashion Awards 2014 - London Source: PA Wire/Press Association Images

3. Laverne Cox

Also a Time ‘Pioneer’, transgender OINTB actress, producer and activist Cox is on this list for being “visible and strong” and “inspiring” (according to 14-year-old Jazz Jennings, who wrote Cox’s Time entry).

2014 Glamour Women of the Year Awards - Arrivals Source: AP/Press Association Images

4. Lee Daniels

He produced Monster’s Ball, he directed Precious and The Butler and he created, directed and produced the TV series Empire.

Oh andhe’s pals with Oprah. Is that enough?

Mick Jagger-Empire Source: AP/Press Association Images

5. Amy Schumer

Sure you’ve heard of Amy Poehler, but there’s another Amy on the block too. Writing her Time entry for the ‘Artists’ section of the 100 list Tilda Swinton says:

She’s the first in the water every time, fully clothed with the abandon only 8- or 80-year-olds tend to display, and she urges us to join her. I’m in.

Schumer, by the way, is a comedian who stars in her own sketch series on Comedy Central and wrote and will star in her first film Trainwreck this summer.

MTV Movie Awards 2015 - Show - Los Angeles Source: AP/Press Association Images

6. Bradley Cooper

Look, a few years ago Bradley Cooper the bad guy in The Wedding Crashers.

Now he’s been nominated for four Academy Awards, starred in some of the biggest movies of recent years (we’re still smarting over no Oscar for his turn as Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy) and is worth about $70m.

87th Academy Awards - Show Source: AP/Press Association Images

7. Taylor Swift

Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.

At 25 years old Swift has won seven Grammy awards, 16 American Music Awards, 11 CMA awards, 34 Billboard Awards and one BRIT award. Now, she’s also made it into Time’s ‘Icons’ section of its 100 influential people list.

She has sold more than 40 million albums and there appears to be no stopping her.

Music Billboard Music Awards Source: AP/Press Association Images

8. Kim Kardashian

Need we say much of anything about Kim Kardashian? Media giant, fashion designer, one part of the most powerful couples in pop culture. Worth around $30m. Time has listed her as a ‘Titan’.

France Kardashian Source: Jacques Brinon

9. Lorne Michaels

Lorne is the creator and producer of Saturday Night Live which celebrated it’s 40th anniversary earlier this year.

Writing for the Time ‘Titans’ section Jack Nicholson says that it’s:

Hard to think of anyone more skilled at discovering extraordinary comedic performers, who have gone on to become household names in their own right. It’s no wonder SNL‘s takes on current events have made headlines for 40 years.

2015 Tribeca Film Festival - 'Live From New York!' Premiere - New York Source: AP/Press Association Images

10. Julianna Margulies

First introduced to the world as Carol Hathaway in ER, Margulies has experienced an astonishing renaissance in her acting career with her role on The Good Wife. Her advocacy work as well as her acting places her firmly on Time’s list.

32nd Annual Paleyfest - The Good Wife Source: AP/Press Association Images

11. Jill Soloway

If you haven’t already seen the Amazon series Transparent, what have you been doing with your time?

Jill Soloway created, wrote, produced and directed the show (she also wrote some episodes of Six Feet Under and Grey’s Anatomy). She’s in Time’s ‘Artists’ section.

Transgender Teens Death Source: AP/Press Association Images

12. Chris Pratt

From lovable dope on Parks and Rec Andy Dwyer to Guardian of the Galaxy Starlord, Chris Pratt has the distinction of Amy Poehler writing his Time 100 entry for the ‘Artists’ section of the list.

She says:

America has decided he is its next big movie star, and I understand why. It’s not because of his broad shoulders and humble roots. It’s not because he looks like the perfect combination of a guy you know mixed with a guy you want to be. It’s because he has that something special.

He also just seems like a really sound guy.

Nickelodeon's 28th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - California Source: AP/Press Association Images

13. Kevin Hart

Comedian Kevin Hart has about 17 films out this year (okay that’s an exaggeration, but it’s close). Chris Rock calls him the “biggest stand-up comedian in the country” and maintains that Hillary Clinton should announce him as his running mate.

That’s a pretty ringing endorsement.

MTV Movie Awards 2015 - Press Room - Los Angeles Source: AP/Press Association Images

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