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Time magazine thinks Ireland is in the UK and famous for biscuits


IT’S BAD ENOUGH to be mistaken as part of “the United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland”… but to mistakenly famed for our biscuits?

What a liberty!

Time magazine’s website and artists Levin and Hargreaves have lumped Ireland in with the UK in an article about what each country is famous for. France got cheese and bread, Japan got shrimp, and we got… biscuits.

Rich Tea biscuits at that.

biscuits Source: Henry Hargreaves

What about the humble spud? Bacon and Cabbage? The Tayto versus King crisp wars? The Waterford Blaa? Clonakilty black pudding? 

Oh, and Time, last time we checked we weren’t united with no kingdom.


Artists Hargreaves and Levin have updated their map. Time hasn’t.


H/T Briana Palma (@brianapalma) for bringing this to our attention 

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