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16 times cats proved themselves to be absolute a**holes



We love them and all, but they sure can be rude sometimes.

1. They have no respect for anyone or anything.

9hxbavJ Imgur Imgur

2. Certainly not for you or I.

tTEleuJ Imgur Imgur

3. Sure, we may feed them and give them belly rubs.

He's lucky he's so cute. Imgur Imgur

4. And we may provide them with shelter and get stupidly attached to them even though they show us no affection whatsoever.

tumblr_nnp5vxw3Na1tlb56zo1_250 Tumblr Tumblr

5. And we might spend €1.99 on a single can of cat food because they point blank refuse to eat anything that’s cheaper

7HtpyzE Imgur Imgur

6. But that all means diddly squat to cats.

Cats are assholes. (Xpost r/Pics) Imgur Imgur

7. If they want to sleep on your good work pants, they’re going to go right ahead and do that.

Left my work pants unattended for two seconds... Imgur Imgur

8. If they want to stick their filthy nose in your bag of flour, nothing’s gonna stop them.

Asshole cat got his face in the flour bag Imgur Imgur

8. And if they want to take over your bed, you are in no position to argue with them.

EOJQj0O Imgur Imgur

9. Because they’re arseholes and they will always win.

1nAyigm Imgur Imgur

10. It’s just part and parcel of being a cat owner.

sBZpzUu Imgur Imgur

11. But don’t take it personally.

Wb2O8Pl Imgur Imgur

12. They’re rude to everyone.

YrN3dHg Imgur Imgur

13. Not just humans.

tumblr_nl6dc83R5a1tlb56zo1_400 Imgur Imgur

14. Everyone.

oqb5t14 Imgur Imgur

15. But in spite of all their arsehole shenanigans, we still love them.

I regret nothing Imgur Imgur

16. Although they are on thin ice.

tumblr_n4x5icXTaF1r3gb3zo1_400 Tumblr Tumblr

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