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16 times cats proved themselves to be absolute a**holes



We love them and all, but they sure can be rude sometimes.

1. They have no respect for anyone or anything.

9hxbavJ Source: Imgur

2. Certainly not for you or I.

tTEleuJ Source: Imgur

3. Sure, we may feed them and give them belly rubs.

He's lucky he's so cute. Source: Imgur

4. And we may provide them with shelter and get stupidly attached to them even though they show us no affection whatsoever.

tumblr_nnp5vxw3Na1tlb56zo1_250 Source: Tumblr

5. And we might spend €1.99 on a single can of cat food because they point blank refuse to eat anything that’s cheaper

7HtpyzE Source: Imgur

6. But that all means diddly squat to cats.

Cats are assholes. (Xpost r/Pics) Source: Imgur

7. If they want to sleep on your good work pants, they’re going to go right ahead and do that.

Left my work pants unattended for two seconds... Source: Imgur

8. If they want to stick their filthy nose in your bag of flour, nothing’s gonna stop them.

Asshole cat got his face in the flour bag Source: Imgur

8. And if they want to take over your bed, you are in no position to argue with them.

EOJQj0O Source: Imgur

9. Because they’re arseholes and they will always win.

1nAyigm Source: Imgur

10. It’s just part and parcel of being a cat owner.

sBZpzUu Source: Imgur

11. But don’t take it personally.

Wb2O8Pl Source: Imgur

12. They’re rude to everyone.

YrN3dHg Source: Imgur

13. Not just humans.

tumblr_nl6dc83R5a1tlb56zo1_400 Source: Imgur

14. Everyone.

oqb5t14 Source: Imgur

15. But in spite of all their arsehole shenanigans, we still love them.

I regret nothing Source: Imgur

16. Although they are on thin ice.

tumblr_n4x5icXTaF1r3gb3zo1_400 Source: Tumblr

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