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21 times the internet perfectly summed up your twenties

So, so, accurate.

BEING A TWENTY-SOMETHING is tough, but at least everyone is going through the same things.

Well, at least people on… the internet.

1. Somehow, mornings have gotten even harder

aha Source: http://twenty-what.tumblr.com/

2. It’s like people are AIMING for your face

atimes Source: whatshouldwecalltulanelaw

3. As soon as you hit your twenties, this is your Facebook news feed

iTXePtV Source: Imgur

4. What even is a budget?

aad Source: permatasarianggi

* Looks for old business studies books*

5. This flavouring of your life

tumblr_npudw5skzy1qfci51o1_500 Source: darkerthanmydinner

6. Life is one big task to keep you out of bed

7. Your bubble is constantly being burst

aburst Source: millenniills

8. Oh, there goes your twenties so

ahhhn Source: spacebetweenthespaces

9. Almost there…nope

aslide Source: hotmessinbrooklyn

10. What does that even MEAN

Wjip3Ug Source: Imgur

11. Those conversations are always comforting

atwentiesyo Source: backrowforlife

12. We kinda need some extra encouragement

aadults Source: cynical-20something.

13. Because nobody feels up to the job

SdFV9Yj Source: Imgur

14. Don’t even get started on social media

awhatt Source: twenty-what

15. It’s basically a new age engagement announcements section

ayeahh Source: gazinlesbians

16. Can’t we just continue to get pizza at 11am on a Tuesday?

17. All of it is getting out of reach

gigAy6m Source: Imgur

18. Do you want my ID? TAKE IT

acon Source: millenniills

19. Yep

awhat Source: howshouldisassyou

20. An apt haiku in your time of need

atwenties Source: whitterings

21. All we know is, we’ll never use the Pythagoras theorem again. Thanks, education


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