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7 brief moments in your life when you feel like a badass

OK, maybe not as badass as Clint Eastwood. But still.

EVERYONE’S A LITTLE BIT of a badass, sometimes.

OK, so we may not be shooting up bad guys and showing scumbags what’s what, but the most simple things can occasionally make you feel like the coolest person in the world.

Here are some of those things.

When you make it across the road just in time

de62776611b5e2470b641cc4c9e68ce9 College Humor College Humor

Just as you’re crossing the road, the little man turns from green to red. Do you speed up to avoid the oncoming cars? No! But you manage to make it to the other side just in time without sprinting like a madman, looking cool as a cucumber all the while.

When you think of a killer comeback on the spot

Kelso-Says-Burn-That-70s-Show Gifrific Gifrific

You usually only think of witty things to say after being the butt of the office smartarse’s jokes when everyone else has forgotten about it. But that one time you manage to actually come up with a sassy comeback on the spot…oh yeah.

When you’re walking with a posse of friends

pretty-little-liars-girls-walking-funeral Elite Daily Elite Daily

Feelings of badassery optimised if you’re in the centre, and bonus points if everyone is dressed in suits/evening gowns.

When you get rid of nasty bugs all by yourself

ron spider

Everyone else is screaming and cowering in fear, but you walk right up there and squash that little rascal. Or help it out a window, if you’re allowed to let it live.

When you’re walking and listening to music

beyoncepowerwalk Junkyardarts Junkyardarts

And a song comes on that makes you feel like you’re in a movie/music video. STRUT.

When you impress the person you fancy

1091 Replygif Replygif

“You did a sky dive? When you spent that summer in Australia? And you weren’t at all nervous? Wow, you’re so cool!” Yes, yes you are. You’re also in there like swimwear. Get you.

When you smoothly catch something

tumblr_mg0qvdqmz01rhtx24o1_500 Purin the Super Beagle Purin the Super Beagle

Someone chucks a pen/phone/sweet at you. There’s a moment of panic, but then you reach up and it just falls into your hand. Triumph. 

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