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This woman went on Tinder with no make-up to see how many matches she would get

Compared to the exact same photos retouched.

ALEXA MITCHELL IS a Youtuber from the States, whose interesting experiment on Tinder has gone viral in the last week.

The idea behind the experiment was to compare no make-up selfies and retouched photos to show the massive difference they can have on your online dating results.

She started out with three make-up free selfies as her profile

threeone Source: Youtube

She then swiped right on the next 100 guys that came up on her Tinder

swiperight Source: Youtube

This got her a thoroughly decent return of 16 matches

sixteen Source: Youtube

But then, using the photo retouching app Relook, Alexa replaced her original photos

relook Source: Youtube

The app removes blemishes, and can basically do anything you want to a photo

erase Source: Youtube

The she swiped right 100 more times

swipe Source: Youtube

And the new photos got her 73 matches this time

73 Source: Youtube

It’s hardly surprising that people on Tinder would base their swiping choices on looks, but maybe the experiment serves the purpose of alerting people to apps like Relook and what they are capable of.

Here, the full video tells the story from start to finish:

Source: maicangirl/YouTube

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