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17 bits of tacky Titanic memorabilia

From shower curtains to inflatable slides, here are some of the items you may not want to mark the disaster’s 100th anniversary with…

PUBLIC FASCINATION with the Titanic disaster of 1912 appears to have waned little in the 100 years since the ship struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage, sinking into the ocean with the loss of over 1,500 lives.

More 5,500 items recovered from the wreck are being auctioned this month by a New York auction house. Those items are being sold as a single lot and have been appraised at $189 million.

Some considerably cheaper memorabilia commemorating the disaster can be bought by Titanic enthusiasts from a range of outlets online – and for a range of tastes. Check out our selection of the, em, rather unique Titanic-themed products which are currently available:

17 bits of tacky Titanic memorabilia
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  • Anniversary coal

    'Authentic Titanic coal' can be bought for around $30 complete with centennial presentation box from RMSTitanic100.com
  • Beer Stein

    Beer-steins.com promises a "one-of-a-kind shape" in this Titanic stein commemorating the liner's historic voyage - and downfall.
  • Cane Fragments

    The Titanic Historial Society is also selling a fragment of cane from a Titanic chair for $1,100 (framed and with certificate of authenticity, according to the organisation).
  • Carpet Yarn

    Framed fragments of carpet yarn from the Titanic coupled with a certificate of authenticity are being sold by the Titanic Historial Society for $1,100.
  • Inflatable Slide

    Fun-makers.com promise "a real thrill for both children and adults" with their Titanic dual ramp inflatable slide. (Costs $11,500 for a used 25' slide; $15,500 for new 33' slide)
  • Mourning Bear

    Thetoyshoppe.com is selling the Centenary Titanic Ted for $193.50. The Steiff-made bear is being re-released to mark the 100th anniversary of the disaster; it was originally released by the company in the wake of the 1912 disaster.
  • Piggy bank

    A coin placed on the Titanic mechanical bank 'sinks' into the bank after the ship crashes into the iceberg. Available for $37.99 from chandelierforum.com.
  • Porthole Mirror

    Ever wondered what it would be like if you could see your own image through the Titanic wreck's portholes? Yours for $199.99 on handcraftednauticaldecor.com.
  • Titanic Teapot

    Royal Crown Derby has reissued the teapot design selected by White Star Line for Titanic's dining room.
  • Resource Pack

    The Titanic Resource Pack (available on Amazon) brings a range of Titanic-related teaching resources including the telegram message announcing that the ship had struck an iceberg.
  • Rivets

    Replica Titanic rivets are "as close as you'll ever get to holding a piece of the Titanic in your hand", according to retailer RMSTitanic100.com.
  • Shower Curtain

    The design on this shower curtain purports to display the view from the Titanic's portholes as the ship went down; available on Amazon.
  • Socialite Jewellery

    JTV.com is offering a range of costume jewellery based on items owned by socialite passengers on board the ship. It says this one is based on a piece owned by Margaret 'Molly' Brown who became known for helping passengers into a lifeboat on the night of the disaster.
  • Tea Cosy

    This hand-knitted tea cosy (on eBay for £5.50) takes a different angle among Titanic memorabilia by marking the pre-disaster part of the ship's journey.
  • Titanic Crisps

    Nothing marks a maritime disaster quite like a bag of Taytos. On sale at whitestarmomentos.co.uk at £20 a box.
  • Titanic on Ice

    Icy Titanics are accompanied by tiny icebergs in this ice cube tray found on Amazon.
  • Heart of the Ocean

    There are numerous replica's of the 1997 Titanic movie's 'Heart of the Ocean' necklace which are available for considerably less than the $10,000 Asprey & Garrard one made for the film.

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