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9 reasons TLC are the most badass girl band of all time

The two remaining members are reuniting for a gig.

TLC LIT A fire under many a teenage girl in the 90s with songs like Creep and Waterfalls and many hearts were broken when one third of the group, Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes, died in 2002.

Now, the two remaining members have announced a reunion gig at an American festival this Summer, which has some people scratching their heads and others talking about holograms.

It’s not clear exactly how the gig will work, but what we do know is that TLC are the most badass girl band of all time.

Here are nine reasons why.

Chilli once rejected a proposal from Usher

They were together for two years but she rejected a marriage proposal from him, at which point he cheated on her and they broke up.

Peter Kramer/Starmax/ /EMPICS Entertainment

They ‘Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg’

They’ll ask for what they want whether they ‘need it in the morning or the middle of the night’.

And are perfectly happy to replace one of the lenses in their spectacles with a condom for a live performance.


Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes burned her boyfriend’s house down

Obviously there’s nothing cool about arson, but according to her he was abusing her and she started the fire as retaliation.

It was actually only meant to be his runners in the bathtub but things got a little out of control.

Zuma Press/ /EMPICS Entertainment

Left Eye managed to make a Melanie C song cool and edgy.


They could wear matching outfits but still look street

Not like some other pop acts...*cough* JLS *cough*.

©Lucy/ /EMPICS Entertainment

They can dance on water

And they weren't afraid to sing about a man dying of AIDS.


If they wanted to wear a tracksuit to a gala, they would

Paul Smith/EMPICS Entertainment

They taught the world about 'scrubs'

YouTube/Thiago Nascimento Costa

T-Boz has beaten sickle cell anemia and a brain tumour and is still going


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