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BET you didn't know these incredible facts about nature

Impress and/or annoy your friends with this amazing, baffling trivia.


Think again, pal. We promise that today will be the first day you learn these amazing facts.

1. House cats and ferocious tigers share 95.6 per cent of DNA

Sequencing the genomes of tigers, snow leopards and lions revealed that they share the majority of their DNA with your household moggie. So be nice to your cat.

catmoji Rawr, grrr Catmoji Catmoji

2. Bamboo is crazy

Bamboo isn’t actually a wood. It’s grass. It’s also extremely hardy, and can grow anywhere – meaning it’s found in China, Japan, India, Europe, Africa, Canada and South America. The only place it can’t grow is the Arctic.

Another thing? Bamboo has reported growth rates of 250cm (98in) in 24 hours.

Imgur Imgur

One last bamboo fact: Some bamboo species can be as strong as steel after heat treatment. Bamboo is cray.

Imgur Imgur

3. The colour pink might not actually exist

Think about the rainbow. There’s no pink light. It’s combined from the two opposite ends of the rainbow – making it really “minus green”. The colour pink could be said to just be wishful thinking on behalf of our eyes and brain.


4. We have as much hair on our bodies as any furry primate

Yep. We’re just like the monkeys. Except our hair is short and light. It’s called “vellus hair”. Basically we’re just damn filthy apes.

Except apes wouldn’t do this silly stuff to THEIR hair.

Imgur Imgur

5. Mirages can reflect objects from beyond the horizon into the sky

This guy explaining light makes us feel VERY dim. (Geddit?)

Sixty Symbols

6. The oldest cats on record lived to be 38 and 34

Coupled with the fact about them basically being mini tigers, this is slightly worrying for the apathetic cat owners amongst us.

The Meta Picture The Meta Picture

7. The record for fastest temperature change is…

Spearfish is a city in the American state of South Dakota. On January 22 in 1943, at about 7.30am, the temperature in Spearfish was around -20 degrees Celsius. The Chinook wind picked up rapidly and two minutes later, the temperature was 7 degrees Celsius (yes, above zero).

That’s a change of 27 degrees in two minutes. Yowza.

Source: Imgur

H/T /r/tilscience

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