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Jesus saves

The 'Jesus saves!' guy from Love/Hate rapped on the Saturday Night Show

His name is Tommy KD, and he’s penned an anti-drugs rap called Bag A Gear.

REMEMBER THIS MEMORABLE face that popped up shouting “Jesus saves!” during episode four of Love/Hate?


Who could forget.

The actor’s name is Tommy Kiernan Dunne (AKA Tommy KD), and he is a homeless but recovering heroin addict who can often be seen rapping outside Dublin’s Ilac Centre.

He appeared on the Saturday Night Show last night to discuss his standout role in the hit show, as well as his history with drug abuse (you can watch the whole interview on the RTÉ Player).


I’m clean about six weeks. I had a few slips here and there. I’m homeless, living in a hostel, so that doesn’t make it easy. But would say to any of the youth out there – if you wanna stop, don’t start.

He revealed that he had a similar experience to the ‘Jesus rave’ depicted in Love/Hate, as part a ‘mad draconian’ rehabilitation programme in the city:

You’re up at six o’clock in the morning, “Hallelujah praise Thomas, we’re going to take the demons out of this man! We’re going to make him clean!”

He says hip-hop is helping him through his recovery – here he is performing his own anti-drugs track, Bag A Gear.

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