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Here's how to unearth your first ever tweet

And anyone else’s too.

WHETHER WE LIKE to admit it or not, there’s a touch of narcissism involved in the whole idea behind Twitter.

You craft that possibly pointless 140 character missive to the world, chuckle to yourself, sit back and wait for the RTs and cash to roll in.

With that in mind, a social analytic and search website called Topsy have created a tool that enables Twitter users to go back in time, gaze at their own navels for a while, and find their first ever tweet.

But it’s not all self-obsession – you can enter anyone’s username to find their archived tweets. (Be warned – some aren’t archived. That’s due to some privacy settings, changing usernames, that kind of thing.)

1. Type in the username you want to look up, with “from:” before it

Source: Topsy

2. Select “Oldest” on the right hand side

Source: Topsy

3. Select “All time” in the left hand toolbar

Source: Topsy

4. Let the good times roll

Here are some of the first tweets from Irish celebrities, politicians. And the odd DailyEdge.ie staff member to boot…

Ronan Keating being modest back in 2009

 Early adopter in 2007 breaks this earth-shattering news

 And this man’s first foray into social media

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