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15 of the most traumatising moments from kids films you adored

Judge Doom, The Witches, and Gmork from The Neverending Story…*SHUDDER*

AS A KID, films played a massive role in your life.

For some of you they were probably a treat, for others they were a tool to keep you quiet.  One way or the other, the likelihood is that you loved them.

Having said that, there are an unexpectedly high number of traumatising scenes in the films you loved as a kid.

In fact, these 15 moments may still stir up some dark feelings in you!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Judge Doom was terrifying as a character, but his final scenes take childhood trauma to the next level.

He reveals himself to be the ‘toon’ who killed Eddie’s brother, and ultimately melts.

Rumour has it some children had to run and hide in the kitchen during this scene.  Not anyone we know or anything…just some kids.




Aside from the sadness of Dumbo being separated from him mam, children also had to deal with the scary pink elephant song.

It starts out ok, but becomes more and more traumatic as it goes along.


Toy Story 3

There are scary moments in each of the Toy Story films but this has got to be the ultimate.

You probably weren’t a kid when it came out, but it’s still traumatising, even as an adult.


The Princess Bride

This movie is funny at times, but the Pit of Despair is no laughing matter.  Wesley’s encounter with the life  sucking machine terrified many a child of the 80s.


The Lion King

This scene needs no explanation.


The Goonies

Poor Chunk had an awful time of it with the Fratellis, but the worst had to be when they shoved his hand into a blender.  THE PAIN!

You could never look at that kitchen utensil the same way again.


An American Tail

The Giant Mouse of Minsk was bloody terrifying.


Care Bears II: A New Generation

Dark Heart was really scary in this film – particularly when he trapped the Care Bears souls.


My Girl

The fact that Thomas J died was hard enough to deal with without this traumatic scene in which Veda loses it.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The child catcher still terrifies many an adult.


The Land Before Time

Sharptooth attacks and Littlefoot’s mother dies.  It’s too much!


The Witches

Angelica Huston is absolutely terrifying, as indeed are all the witches once they are revealed for what they really are.

However, Bruno turning into a mouse has got to be the most traumatising part of the film.


Return to Oz

Lots of elements of this film were scary, but the Wheelers were particularly upsetting.


The Neverending Story

Gmork the wolf was a lot for children to handle.



The fire.  Dear God the fire.


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