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9 trends that should make a comeback immediately

Pogs, you can stay gone.

SOME TRENDS HAVE justifiably been consigned to the dustbin of history.

We’re thankful that frosted tips, parachute pants and hair mascara are a thing of the past as far as trends are concerned. But there are actually some trends we’d dearly love to see one more time.

1. Toys in cereal boxes

God be with the days when we got toys with every box of Coco Pops. And if there was no toy, at least you got to save the top of the cardboard box to save up as a token for something. Nowadays we get a whole load of nothing.

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Source: Flickr

2. Drive-in films

While these might be solely the preserve of old school American romantic comedies these days, Ireland actually has the perfect landscape for drive-in movies. All we’d need is a big field and a dry evening.

Source: Orange County Archives

3. Arcade games

Street Fighter. Air hockey. Pinball. These games should be in every pub up and down this country, but once again we’ve let our childhood selves down.

Source: AhmadHashim

4. Tying a jumper around your waist

You do still sometimes spot this sartorial move around the place, but its heyday has long since passed. At a certain point 15 years ago, every second person would have a jumper lounging on their hips. What happened? It was so handy.

Source: leslieiv

5. Top of the Pops

Nuff said.

Source: brizzle born and bred

6. Saturday morning TV marathons

Cartoons intermingled with special guests, high jinks, competitions, phone-in interviews with celebrities, and musical numbers. Shows like Live & Kicking spanned the entire morning and took care of all your Saturday entertainment needs.

Source: putthetellyon1/YouTube

7. Annuals

Bunty, Jackie, the Beano, the Dandy – a beautiful, simple Christmas ritual that unfortunately has bitten the dust, with many no longer being printed. A heap of annuals and a glass of orange squash, reading for hours stomach-down on the carpet. Could it ever be topped?

Source: staticgirl

Source: brizzle born and bred

8. Pen pals

The internet and Skype have pretty much killed the genuine need for paper-and-ink letter correspondence. But there’s something touching and undeniably special about getting a hand-written note, and keeping in contact with a friend overseas via letters.

Source: donovanbeeson

9. Clamshell phones

Smartphones have come on leaps and bounds since the snap-closed clamshell mobile phones, but you have to admit – nothing made you feel more bad-ass than closing your phone after barking goodbye. Seeing them used in Breaking Bad was a definite blast from the past, and the straight iPhone was cold comfort afterwards.

Source: aeiss

H/T this Ask Reddit thread for the inspiration

What trends would you like to see have a second wind? Let us know in the comments.

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