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8 reasons new show True Detective could fill that box-set-shaped hole in your life

The HBO series starts on Irish TV tonight.

HBO’S NEW BIG-budget series True Detective premieres on Irish TV tonight, after launching in the US last month.

Sadly, you’ll need Sky Atlantic to watch it. But here’s why you should be paying attention:

1. It stars Matthew McConaughey

Who’s put in a string of movie-dominating performances recently, and has just been nominated for an Oscar for Dallas Buyers’ Club. He plays detective Rustin Cohle, whose horrific past leads him to a burned-out present.

2. And Woody Harrelson

Who’s great, as everyone knows. He plays Detective Martin Hart.


They are two detectives assigned to a brutal, sadistic murder case in 1995 – and then recalled for questioning as the case is reopened in the present day, long after their friendship has expired.

Two of our time’s finest character actors in the same TV show? Seriously?

4. Amid breathtaking, eerie photography of the Louisiana landscape

5. Rave reviews

Source: Independent.co.uk

Source: GQ

Source: Hollywood Life

In the Independent, Sarah Hughes writes:

Every now and then a television programme arrives so fully formed and confident that the only response is to gasp in pleasure and applaud.

Overall since its US premiere last month, the series has an 88 per cent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with 98 per cent audience approval.

6. It’s HBO’s biggest show in years

The first episode pulled in 2.3million viewers in the US – HBO’s highest figure for a premiere since Boardwalk Empire in 2010, and a bigger rating than the opening of Game of Thrones.

7. Even the cinematography is winning plaudits

Like this uninterrupted, no-cuts six-minute tracking shot, which sent Twitter into paroxysms of delight.

Source: Axhol3Rose

8. And everyone else is already obsessed

Here’s the first trailer to whet your appetite:

Source: HBO

True Detective starts at 9pm tonight on Sky Atlantic.

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