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Lena Dunham shared a lovely handwritten note on the night Girls aired its last ever episode
“Give any woman 6 years to create uninterrupted and she will soar.”
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U2's former manager has made a €35m TV show about the seedy lives of the rich and famous
Funded by Sky Atlantic, Riviera is the brainchild of Paul McGuinness and directed by Neil Jordan.
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Everyone is losing their minds over THAT death on tonight's Game of Thrones finale
How are we supposed to deal with this? Tell us.
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Last night's Game of Thrones shocked fans with another brutal scene
Did it finally go too far?
# sansa
THAT controversial scene in last night's Game of Thrones has thoroughly divided fans
Spoilers. Spoilers. SPOILERS. Spoilers.
# penny dreadful
6 truths about being an Irish actor in Hollywood, as told by Sarah Greene
Look out for the Cork actress in the new season of Penny Dreadful next week.
# season five
11 things we learned from the S5 premiere of Game of Thrones
Well, that was intense.
# Game of Moans
The Sunday Times' review of the new Game of Thrones episode is gloriously bitchy
There will be beef.
# blood red carpet
32 things we learned when we were invited to the Game of Thrones world premiere
We went, we saw, we conquered.
# the chilling
Fortitude looks like the next big TV hit... here's why
Like you needed something else to binge on!
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Billie Piper did an Irish accent in Penny Dreadful and Twitter is slating it
“Abysmal”. “Godawful”. You get the picture.
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Jack Gleeson's reaction to Game of Thrones Purple Wedding is outstanding
Spoilers. Clearly.
# you know nothing
Game of Thrones described by people who've never seen Game of Thrones and staff do their best to explain the TV show.
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Game of Thrones season 4 will premiere here at the same time as the US
We’re getting it at exactly the same time as the US. Sound.
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8 reasons new show True Detective could fill that box-set-shaped hole in your life
The HBO series starts on Irish TV tonight.
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Arya's out for revenge in the new Game of Thrones trailer
SPOILERS. Oh god, the spoilers.
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The trailer for Game of Thrones season 4 is here!
It all looks a bit… epic.
How did Twitter handle the Game of Thrones finale?
No spoilers but they seemed a bit unhappy all the same.
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What will the cast of Girls be up to in 30 years time?
More of the same according to this parody.
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Really Mad Men: new pictures reveal lots of sour pusses for the new season
Season six is on the way next week. Here are some teasing photos.
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New Game of Thrones trailer is here... but there's no sign of Coldplay and Snow Patrol in it
Gary Lightbody is joining Game of Thrones season three… but he’s not in this new trailer.
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Catching up with Mad Men... through Post-it notes
If you don’t have Sky Atlantic, you’ll have a bit of a wait for it to come to RTÉ – so here’s a stationery-based reminder.
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Mad Men-style Falling into Dublin Bay of the Day
Looks like this guy had a slightly softer landing than Don Draper.
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Gallery: Amazing pictures of Antrim's Game of Thrones set
The TV adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s books is currently filming its second series in Northern Ireland. (Warning: may contain spoilers)