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13 H&M shopping truths every one of you will get

The dream of the 90s is alive in H&M.

1. First of all, there are cats on everything

New top #new #top #newtop #h&m #divided #aliens #aliensbelieveinus #cats #cute #lol #loveit @mariashirlin Source: Instagram/amymaslanka

Don’t question it.

2. Everything is also the 90s

CeSiV2qWsAEBHR7 Source: Twitter/@AmyRemeikis

Don’t question that either.

3. Everything is a college-style sweatshirt with an ironic slogan on it, too

CbwawqYW8AoEei4 Source: DailyEdge.ie

Just… Deal with it, OK.

4. And everything is on the floor, just to make it harder for you

We're browsing the new collection in H&M #ideas Source: Instagram/ukonlinesellertoday

5. BUT when you find something good in there, it’s good

Must haves Source: Instagram/chanellemademoiselle

And dirt cheap, more often than not.

6. You need to have a Google tab reading ‘European size 40 is what in UK sizes???” open on your phone the whole time

tag-e1447634668962 Source: Zusterschapcollective

Except for when you find that rare unicorn garment with a UK size label.

7. The pricing is all over the gaff

Pair of boots: €20
Handbag: €10
Extremely plain grey knit jumper: €69.95

uF9MjJo3QIaijySXC4iL_Confused Christian Bale Source: Fod4

What are you on, H&M?

8. The lighting in the fitting rooms is weirdly good

‘H&M fitting room selfies’ are a thing.

9. But everything you picked up will inevitably be the wrong size

hide-my-thunder Source: Tumblr

Despite the fact that you brought in a small, a medium AND a large, just to be safe.

10. These red stickers give you LIFE

hmsale Source: Blogspot

Even if you eventually discover that they’re all attached things that look like aprons.

11. The designer collabs seem amazing…

h&Mbalmain Source: DailyEdge.ie

Balmain, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant…

12. …But you, a mere mortal, will never ever get your hands on their wares

#hmbalmaination 🎉 @hm

A photo posted by ✨ Rosanna Davison ✨ (@rosanna_davison) on

Who, apart from Rosanna Davison and a few bloggers, actually owns a piece of H&M x Balmain clothing? Please contact us. It’s urgent.

13. But at the end of the day, you can get a whole outfit (and more) for about €50

@matthiasgeerts looking casual in our #HM jacket! Source: Instagram/hm

So we’ll gladly rifle through the cats, 90s throwbacks, and aprons until we get there. <3 u, H&M.

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