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Twitter is planning to change its character limit and people are totally taking the piss

Just the casual 10,000 per tweet.

LAST NIGHT, A story broke that claimed Twitter was looking into removing its famous 140 character limit for its users.

And there is talk that they are considering moving it up to 10,000 characters:

Which hasn’t gone down all that well

This will have real life consequences

Soon, #Twitter10k was trending in Ireland and around the world

The jokes were spot on

As were the 50 Shades parodies

People imagined a bleak future

The speeches will be great

And kudos to whoever achieves this gag

An edit button might be a bit more useful

And, in theory, Alanis Morissette wouldn’t be all too happy with the situation

At all

This seems like the best solution

So now.

“Probably best leave things as they are on the character front” – everyone.

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