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These Sligo ice-creams are so delicious they've been named best in the world

TWO IRISH MEN have won prizes for producing some of the best gelato flavours in the world.

10672289_396424630562188_7580919525875903139_n Gelati Gelati

Ice cream makers Michael O’Dowd and Neil Byrne won the title of the best ferrero rocher gelato, and the best honeycomb gelato at the Sigep Rimini trade show in Italy.

Neil’s shop, Mammy Johnston’s in Strandhill won for their honeycomb flavour

10014618_640509819337618_1849428389_n Mammy Johnstons Mammy Johnstons

While O’Dowd’s won best ferrero roche in Gelati, Enniscrone

11880372_429856973885620_6099727746863566996_n Gelati Gelati

They look pretty amazing in fairness.

And the flavours just get better from there.

Gelati’s chilli chocolate comes with a kick

11919111_431830717021579_5924084101694104414_n Gelati Gelati

They do amazing things with chocolate bars

11846578_429512337253417_8081406856248215436_n Gelati Gelati

11899773_429856860552298_4852771091777269665_n Fbcdn Fbcdn

11855700_429856923885625_6819776548843568867_n Gelati Gelati

Over at Mammy Johnston’s, the flavours are just as serious

10294500_653282218060378_2461117337405783976_n Mammy Johnstons Mammy Johnstons

10636148_725079127547353_2469998598474492897_n Mammy Johnstons Mammy Johnstons

10952403_808823425839589_4527826867742650518_n Mammy Johnstons Mammy Johnstons

See our bellies? Get in them.


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