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8 gestures that every Irish person understands

It’s like Irish sign language. Well, sort of.

WE DEFINITELY HAVE a way with words, but Irish people have a distinctive way with body language too.

Allow DailyEdge.ie to demonstrate.

1. The one-fingered salute

An Irish driving staple. Can calm potential road rage – just with a wiggle of the index.

2. The phone “yeah yeah yeah”

Especially prevalent among the Irish mammy. Suck in your teeth, and inhale, while vehemently agreeing or urging on your conversational partner. Repeat.

3. “Who’s your wan?”

An expression of distaste, or enquiry, or derision. Covers a multitude of situations.

4. The Nod

A silent greeting. A mark of respect. An invitation to head up to the bar for another one. You say “howarya?” best when you say nothing at all.

5. Clear off, ya pup

Used by bouncers, teachers and parents mostly. Get out, feck off and belt up.

6. Same again, please

To be used only at a pub where you are well-known. A tap and slide, coupled with The Nod, should ensure you get another drink.

7. The Nudge

Elbowing the person next to you can mean a) you’re not responding fast enough to my hilarious joke, b) did you see yer one? and c) shut up.

8. A slow hand clap

To be used when some eejit drops a glass. Rather than celebration, the slow clap is more an Irish expression of mild contempt.

- Filmed and giffed by Nicky Ryan, nudge stand-in by Michael Freeman

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