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6 times in life when "yes" is all anyone wants to hear

No buts or maybes, now – it has to be “yes”.

THERE ARE TIMES in life when “no” simply isn’t an option.

Yes, yes and more yes is the order of the day. It’s what you want to hear, or something you just have to say. Either way, “yes” the only answer possible.

1. On your other half’s birthday

When you swore blind you’d book their favourite restaurant… But left it until that very day to ring the place. As you call them up, phone in your hand and heart in your mouth, you’re praying that “yes” will be the answer to your table for two query.

Source: Flickr/photoloni

2. At your Nana’s house

When she hands you a horrific scarf she knitted herself, and asks “Do you like it?” Of course I do, Granny. Gulp. Hope she doesn’t notice you’ll never wear it.

Source: kpwerker

3. When you’re popping the question

ESPECIALLY if you’ve chosen to ask the ultimate question in public.

Source: Cheezburger

4. At the hairdresser

No matter what kind of cut you just got, when the hairdresser fetches the mirror and shows you the back and says “Is that alright for you?” the only thing you can say is “Yes”. Even if they’ve just given you a mullet.

Just remember, folks. Everytime you don't tip, a child gets a mullet - Imgur "Yes, it's just what I wanted. I love it, thanks" Source: Imgur

5. Just before your holidays

Need to book some time off work for the holiday you impulsively booked? Better hope your trip to the Canaries doesn’t clash with tax season, because “yes” is the only answer you’ll accept from your boss.

Source: oddee.com

6. Before the big match

You need those tickets for the All Ireland. Failure is not an option here. You SHALL go to the ball, by hook or by crook.

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