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# Review 2011
Un-smooth criminals: nine not-so-clever crimes committed in 2011
Think criminals had to be smart to try and escape the clutches of the law? Turns out you don’t have to be very smart at all, as this motley crew proved.

IF YOU WERE trying to commit a crime – not, dear readers, that we think any of you would – wouldn’t you try to be a little bit, well, smart about it?

Sadly, it turns out that in 2011 there were many criminals who went about things the most stupid way possible.

Whether it was their approach that was a bit bonkers (taking snakes on a plane?) or their intent that was ridiculous (stealing money from an ill four year old?) they proved that some of the least ‘smooth’ criminals are also the most brazen.

We take a look at un-smoothest criminals in the 2011 – and hope they don’t try to reoffend in 2012…

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