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6 controversial Irish questions... answered by Una Healy

Which side do you come down on on these matters of national importance?

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UNA HEALY DOES a fine job of representing the Irish within her work as one of The Saturdays.

So, when we got the opportunity to have a chat with her recently ahead of her new TV show Una’s Dream Ticket, we had to ask her about some important Irish matters.

You know the kind of thing we’re on about.  The controversial Irish questions that really show you who a person is.  

Questions like these.

1.  What do you call crisps?  Crisps or Taytos?

Em… well a lot of the time I would call them Tayto.  I make all the girls fill their bags with all the different Taytos every time.  Mighty Munch and Wheelies, and Chickatees.

DE: But they’re all Taytos?

Oh yeah, they’re all Taytos. Yeah.

tay-to Source: seanaes

2.  What’s better in a crisp sandwich?  Tayto or King?

Em… it depends really.  Oh… (sighs) I’ll say Tayto.  A Tayto sandwich.

Crisp Butty Source: eat at joe's

3.  Do beans belong in a fry?

NO.  No, no, this is… I only discovered when I went to the UK that they’ve got beans in every fry, it’s like a staple… No.  No, no.

DSC_0358 Source: hslo

4.  How do you make your tea?

I put the teabag in.  Pour the boiling water in, let it settle for a minute, take out the teabag and put a tiny bit of milk in.  I like it strong.

A Cup of Tea Source: Simon Cocks

5.  Who was the best ever host of the Late Late Show?

Oh… well… (looks pained) Growing up… it has to be Gay Byrne doesn’t it.


6.  Does the ketchup go in the fridge or the press?

Oh well, you see, I don’t really like ketchup.  Ben (Una’s husband) likes it, and he puts it into the fridge but then it’s too cold then if I want a tiny bit.  No, I like it warm.  But my favourite sauce is brown sauce.

Ketchup & breakfast Source: Hannah & Noah

Before we let Una go, we had to ask her if she had a favourite YouTube video.  She professed a preference for cute animal videos like this one, but her real favourite became clear when she started repeatedly singing ‘Baby monkey, baby monkey, riding on a pig, baby monkey’.

A fine choice.

Source: ParryGripp

Una’s Dream Ticket will air on RTE 2, starting on Christmas Day.

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