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9 unofficial landmarks of Dublin's fair city

These places need recognition, dammit!

WE’RE ALL FAMILIAR with Dublin’s famous landmarks.  The Spire, the Clery’s clock, Liberty hall, etc.

However, there are lot of other places of significance in Ireland’s capital city that don’t get a look-in.  Some would say, they are even more significant than the most famouus ones.

We’re talking about places like these.

(Don’t worry, we’ll be doing Ireland’s other cities as well.)


576946_426902584014408_1300321844_n-390x285 Source: Facebook

The birthplace of romance.  Surely this deserves a plaque outside it marking it as a place of societal significance?

The Mother Teresa mural on this house in Inchicore


Art at its artiest.

Our lady of the North Side

Source: ghvm

We suppose this is less of a landmark and more of an omnipresence, but still worth a mention.

The Chuck Wagon near Swords

60_full Source: Wikimapia

Home of Ireland’s best breakfast bap, it’s been said.  Why isn’t it being recognised on a larger scale?

Dr. Quirkeys

Dr. Quirkey's Source: psyberartist

Who goes into this mysterious place?  No one knows.  But one things for sure, we all know where it is.

McDonalds Grafton Street

mcdonalds grafton street Source: Grease Guardian

Meeting point for Spanish students for generations.  Let’s give it props.

Teddys, Dun Laoghaire

Teddy's - Famous For Ice Cream Source: infomatique

Home of the world’s greatest 99.  People need to know about this in an official capacity.

The Why Go Bald sign

Why go bald? Source: janetmck

Asking a pertinent question for 50 years.

The Ikea sign

Ikea Dublin Source: Cian Ginty

Sure what else do you need to call you in from the motorway?  You better recognise!

What are Dublin’s other lesser recognised landmarks?

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