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9 companies with unreal employee perks you'll be totally jealous of

Well we get coffee…

APPLE AND FACEBOOK caused a bit of a stir when they confirmed they offered to pay for their female employees to have their eggs frozen.

Sure, it’s good in theory, but it’s no NAP ROOM.

Here are nine companies looking after their own. A bit too much.

1. Facebook

This is more like a luxury resort than a place of work. In the states, employees can help themselves to free dry cleaning (delivered straight to their desks), daily meals, a built-in sweet shop, and even an on-site barber.

Missing your charger? Facebook employees don’t have to send out an angry office wide email, they just head to the nearest tech vending machine to fetch a brand new one.

CNNMoney / YouTube

Basically, you’ll never spend another penny on the little things again. And if you find yourself with another mouth to feed, Facebook look after new parents with a $4,000 baby cash gift.

Facebook HQ Jakob Steinschaden Jakob Steinschaden

In Dublin, staff enjoy free gigs from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and Bell X1 on the office roof. A grand way to spend lunch.

2. Google

Leaving aside the Disneyland that is Google Campus in Silicon Valley, Dublin’s Google Docks is another haven of free stuff.

Firstly, THIS is a room in their office. Looks more like a playground to us.

puit Peter Würmli, Camenzind Evolution Peter Würmli, Camenzind Evolution

They get free breakfast, lunch, beers on a Friday and there’s a massage room and a pool. An actual pool. So are they hiring or…?

20140523_210346 o.tacke o.tacke

3. Airbnb

This crowd have got a bar in the office, which holds a happy hour every Thursday.

Have you got a bar in your office? No.

pub2-2-3 Ed Reeve via Ed Reeve via


OK, well if you work for Dublin digital marketing agency CKSK, you do.

564331_360372844005323_212645524_n FacebookCKSK FacebookCKSK

5. Diageo

The alcoholic beverage company provide staff with their very own GP, pharmacy, pool, and three course lunch every day. They probably get free booze too. Not even our parents looked after us that well. According to the Irish Times the Irish office also matches employee’s funds raised for charity, up to €1,000.

Guinness St. James Gate anthony arrigo anthony arrigo

6. Mars

Employees in Mars confectionery company get FREE SWEETS and are allowed to bring their pets into the office whenever they please. Their Canadian office even has a doggie courtyard so they can roam around enjoying free treats while their owners work.

Hund-Mann-Laptop Mars Mars

7. AOL

AOL know that their staff can’t be coping with late nights and early mornings so have installed nap rooms for employees, including sleep-optimised pods tired heads can dip into for 40 winks.

NAP-ROOM HuffPostCode HuffPostCode

8. Clif bar

The nutrition bar company in the states basically has a whole adventure centre in its offices. Figures.

GaryKitOnWall2 Competitor Competitor

Besides offering a 40ft bouldering wall, yoga, spin and personal training sessions, employees can also make use of a rake of professionals waiting at their every beck and call.

Massage therapists, an acupuncturist and a chiropractor focus on keeping everything in top physical order, while several nutritional counsellors and life coaches help maintain a good nutritional and mental foundation.

If that’s not all, employees get 2.5 hours of PAID time in one of the gym’s 33 fitness classes.


9. Asana

This productivity startup gives each employee $10,000 to spend on their desk setup, so they can buy motorised or ergonomically sound desks to sit or stand behind. Or, they could just buy all these things. Lucky ducks. We spent about €2 on a photo frame.

Projects_Asana_V6 Officesnapshots Officesnapshots

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