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US blogger is told: 'The only women Irish men buy drinks for are prostitutes'

American blogger Mollie reckons the Irish fellas are not all that when it comes to getting them in, she was even told the reason why. But is she right?

AN YOUNG AMERICAN woman studying in Cork has written about her experiences of Irish nightlife and pondered why she has found it so difficult to get Irish men to buy her drinks.

Gaelic Girl Mollie, 20 and from Maine, is writing for Irish Central.com on her experiences of searching “for her very own Gerry from P.S. I Love You” and has outlined the differences between nightlife at home and here in Ireland.

She says she’s more than happy to have men come up to her and offer to buy her a drink, but unfortunately the Irish men have not been forthcoming.

Whilst insisting she is not a “cheap alcoholic,” she writes:

Whether women like to admit it or not, we all love to be bought a free drink from a nice, attractive, man. It’s flattering. It means you’ve been noticed. And it’s free booze.

She is full of praise for the conversational ability and sweetness of us Irish males but when it comes to sticking the hand in the pocket, well, we don’t do so well there:

It’s the classic pick up line which I have seen put to use in the states a countless number of times.

Though the majority of Irish men my girlfriends and I have encountered have been relatively forward, quite adept conversationalists, and just plain sweet, we don’t know where the drinks are!

Later she found out from one Irish gentleman who bought her male friends drinks – but not her it seems – that there was a reason that Irish men weren’t digging deep for the cailíní and it was, according to this man, because:

The only women Irish men buy drinks for are prostitutes.

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