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'Vadering' has the internet by the throat

We can’t keep up with these internet memes.

Image: YouTube/ZaknafeinDoUrden91

LAST WEEK IT was Hadoukening, this week it’s Vadering.  Man, it’s hard to keep up with these internet memes!

Confused?  Not to worry, we’ll explain.

In case you missed it, last week the internet was ablaze with news of a cool new photography trend in Japan.

Basically, young people were taking photos of themselves in which it looked like one of them was throwing another person backwards a la the characters of Dragon Ball Z.

Like this.

Can't see the image?  Try reloading the page.  Imgur

That was quickly picked up by people all over the world, because frankly, it looks really cool.  (Though we reckon the Japanese school uniforms add a certain je ne sais quoi.)

From California...


...to 2fm.


Now however, just a week later, there's a new craze around these internetty parts, and it's called Vadering.

Similar to Hadouken-ing, these images make it seem like one person is using Darth Vader's death grip to cause someone else to levitate.




Even the man himself has gotten in on the action.


We have to say we really didn't have Vader down for an internet meme kind of guy, but clearly if it's named after you you have no choice but to get in on the action!

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