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VIDEO: Boy tries to pick up ladies with pop lyrics. Fails miserably.

Pop music could help you find love. Probably.

IF YOU THOUGHT that the biggest pop hits today are all about “the club”, partying all night and not remotely romantic then you are wrong.

YouTube star Tommy Wooldridge has been making videos using pop lyrics on unsuspecting girls to try and woo them.

Who said romance was dead?

Thankfully, Tommy is so awkward that it comes off as entertaining instead of creepy.

Here he tries his best to use Ke$ha’s best lines on some surprised college girls. Their reactions are quite hilarious.

Vevo / YouTube

If that’s not enough YouTube romance for you, Tommy has also used Justin Bieber lyrics with comedic results

Vevo / YouTube

And one of his early works uses the lyrics of noted young romance enthusiast Taylor Swift

tommycanpictureit / YouTube

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