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This video of Vienetta being made is deliciously satisfying

Put it on a conveyor belt straight to our gobs, please.

LOVE SATISFYING GIFS of food production? Love Vienetta? Well why not have both?

vienetta2 Source: YouTube

The video of Vienetta being made is a couple of years old, but resurfaced on the internet earlier this week, and has been delighting fans of the dessert ever since.

The thing is made in one long line, with the chocolate sauce put on like so:

chocolatesauce Source: YouTube

The formation of the ripples is truly a sight to behold:

ripples Source: YouTube

And the swirls of ice cream on top! Don’t forget the swirls of ice cream on top!

swirls Source: YouTube


Source: Hot Hot Videos/YouTube

It should be against the law to throw away Vienetta like this:


Would you honestly be mad if that machine was used to feed Vienetta directly into your mouth? We wouldn’t be.

homer-simpson-donut-machine Source: Reactiongifs

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