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15 toys from your childhood that are worth a fortune now

Well, compared to what you paid for them anyway.

IF YOU WEREN’T watching the Late Late Toy Show on Friday, then you might have missed Tubs and Bosco displaying some vintage Fisher Price classics.

bosco-8-630x357 Source: RTÉ Player/screengrab

If you were feeling a bit wobbly chinned with nostalgia about your favourite toys when you younger, you might feel a bit wobbly knee-ed when you see how much some of them are worth now…

1. Nintendo Entertainment System action set

nes Source: ebay

2. 1970s Fisher Price garage

garage1 Source: ebay

3. Vintage Scalextric set

scal Source: ebay

4. Star Wars X-Wing with box

fighter Source: ebay

5. A 1971 Fisher Price record player

player Source: ebay

6. A complete set of new Care Bears – €6,129

care1 Source: ebay

7. One rare vintage Care Bear

counsin Source: ebay

cous Source: DoopyDoos.com

8. 1981 Subbuteo set

sub1 Source: Subbuteo-emporium.co.uk

9. 1976 Tin Can Alley

tincan Source: ebay

10. 1985 Teddy Ruxpin

tedy Source: ebay

11. Vintage Cabbage Patch Kid

cabbage Source: ebay

12. Vintage Lego set

lego Source: ebay

13. 1984 Transformers Optimus Prime toy

op Source: ebay

14. Fisher Price doll

doll Source: ebay

15. Tracy Island and Thunderbirds toys

tracy Source: ebay

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