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no chill

Wanted man said he planned to 'chill for the weekend', then turn himself in later

Oh, no pressure at all! Whenever you’re ready.

A WANTED MAN in Indiana planned to “chill” for a few days before turning himself to police at his leisure.

Officers were on the hunt for 24-year-old Domonique Stone in connection with a shooting that injured five people.

According to WTHR News, police received a tip on Saturday that Stone planned to turn himself in, but not until this week, as he wanted to “chill for the weekend”. No hassle, like, whenever it’s convenient.

The shooting, which injured two women and three children, happened on Sunday April 5.

Despite his commitment to “chilling”, Stone appeared to have a change of heart last night and gave himself up to the police.

Just so you know, Stone – that was decidedly un-chill behaviour.

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