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10 questionable eating habits we all had as kids

You sweet little weirdo.

.1. Making a cake out of your dinner

… yet it never made it taste any better.

Shot 10 Source: Pimpthatsnack

2. Building a potato fort

Ah yes, the potato fort with a gravy moat.

Dinosaur mashed potato castle Source: kdynes26

3. Making sandwiches out of sugar

Mmmm, crunchy.

sandwich Source: Michaelkwan

4. Making soup out of your three ice cream scoops

icecream-soup Source: Filmschoolrejects

5. Sauce smiley faces were a must

Can it even be applied any other way?

CAp9vGaWsAA5Z6c Source: writeJoshh

6. Cereal milk was a perfectly acceptable beverage

IMG_9076 Source: BlogSpot

7. The plane

Is there anyone who didn’t pretend their fork was a plane? The answer is no.

$_32 Source: eBay

8. You definitely wore most of your food at some stage

fini-jelly-teeth Source: Worldofsweets

haribo-friendship-rings-1980-p Source: Iwantweddingfavours

Hula_Hoops_Snack_Pi_273277c Source: Gunnerblog

9. Spaghetti hoops were made to be hooked on a fork

BXdKpR9CIAAhnbd Source: Beathany Brogden

10. And of course, you had to savagely eat anything that had a figure

The head was never the first to go. That would make it too easy.

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