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6 unexpected things that happened this week

Cyclist-eating geese, Krusty Krabs and MENSA – it’s the week’s weirdest news.

THE MAD HATTER asked “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

Well, as we sit here at our writing desk, we’re wondering no such thing. What we’re wondering is how exactly we manage to bring the most bonkers, most barmy news nuggets to you every Saturday morning. Two great unanswerable riddles.

We’re all quite mad here – you’ll fit right in.

Meanwhile, in Ottawa… A cyclist was attacked by a goose. Kerry Surman was cycling along on the Trans Canada Trail when the goose struck. “The last thing I remember is the wings came around my face, and I hear myself screaming, and then I’m out.” Someone page Hitchock, we need to see a Birds sequel based off this. (Yahoo Odd News)

An Icelandic girl was denied her passport due to having an “illegal” name. The ten-year-old girl, Harriet Cardew, had her name rejected by the Icelandic Naming Committee. Only if both parents are foreigners, or if a child has an Icelandic middle name, can a child be given a non-Icelandic name. Only Harriet’s father is British – her mother is Icelandic. Know what we CALL that? Bloody silly. Wonder would “bloody silly” get past the Committee? (Iceland Review)

Plans have been set in motion to open a Krusty Krab – above sea level. Yep, the fast food restaurant from Spongebob Sqaurepants is opening in the Middle East. Come to Ireland already. We want Mr Krabs! We want Patrick! (

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MENSA has started a dating site. You have to be in the 98th percentile, IQ-wise, to gain entry to the Nerd Club (our unofficial nickname for the organisation) and maybe that means you can’t find someone “on your level”. Enter Mensa Match. So insufferable bores can meet other insufferable bores. Thought we had Coppers for that? (Slate)

North Korea has dubbed a forthcoming Seth Rogen and James Franco as “an act of war”. You know what? They’re right. Okay, maybe not about geopolitical ructions and massive conflict, but the movie is almost certainly declaring war on what reasonable people consider comedy. Down with Franco. (

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A man in Maine has had a football field built on his land by accident. The town, Skowhegan, will spend $27,000 correcting the mistake. C’mon, Skowhegan. This is hardly slipping into the wrong parking space. YOU BUILT A FOOTBALL FIELD IN SOME LAD’S GARDEN. Perhaps they’d just watched Field of Dreams or something. We want to say Skowhegan again. Skowhegan. (AP)

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