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7 weird things that happened this week

Motorbike with a free wife included, Christmas fights already and something distinctly fishy – the bizarre news stories you might have missed.

WHEN THE GOING gets weird, the weird turn pro.

If you’re not quite at professional weirdo standards yet, don’t worry. The oddballs here at DailyEdge.ie have tirelessly hunted all the bizarre, unexpected and downright mental news that happened this week, and it’s all right here for you.

Buckle up, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

A man in Donegal gave a false name before falling down, Donegal Daily reports. The man was apprehended by Gardai in the Four Lanterns fast food restaurant in Letterkenny. After giving one name to the Gardai, the man was rumbled when his friends called him by another. He then toppled over. Hey, no judgement here. We’ve all been that guy once. (Donegal Daily)

A fight broke out at Christmas tree lighting in Philadelphia. The fight was between two women who were each in search of a better view of the festivities. Up to six people became involved in the altercation, and reportedly one was holding a child. No arrests were made nor injuries sustained. Tis the season to get punchy, apparently.  (CBS)

Source: Nottingham Post

An Englishman was duped online, paying €540 for a photo of an Xbox One. Peter Clatworthy accidentally bought the picture, believing he was to receive a limited edition of the games console – despite the fact the listing indicated it was a picture for sale. An eBay spokesperson confirmed that he is to receive a full refund. All’s well that ends well, eh Pete? (DailyEdge.ie)

A mysterious fishy smell has taken hold in Great Manchester. The smell appears to be travelling around the area, spanning 12 miles, being reported in places such as Guide Bridge, Audenshaw, Droylsden and Ashton-under-Lyne. Dozens of residents took to Twitter to complain about the smell, which environmental health officials, police and fire departments could not identify nor explain. Hmm. Something’s fishy here, I just nose it. (Sorry). (Mirror)

Source: Craigslist

A man in Virginia, when told to sell up his motorbike by his wife, decided to put them both up for sale instead. The man is known only as Bob, and in his ad on Craigslist he compared the two lots for sale – saying his Sportster 2006 XL1200L is in “excellent condition” and his “1959 model” wife is in good nick… “considering”. However, he also discloses that she is “high maintenance”. Might need to change her oil, there, pal – I’m sure there’ll be some squeaks from her about this little stunt. (Metro)

Walmart is selling an art print titled “Destroy Capitalism”. The massive superstore is selling some Banky’s prints, including one with the anti-establishment title. Fair warning, any comrade who buys their communist art in a Walmart may be an ideological poseur. Although maybe it’s irony. Who can even tell any more? (Yahoo)

Source: The Meta Picture

A man who allegedly “swung his penis in a rotary helicopter motion” has been arrested. The Indianapolis man, Shawn Harvell, faces charges of public indecency and resisting arrest. It’s not big and it’s not clever, Shawn. (Huffington Post)

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