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6 unexpected things that happened this week

Buddha getting deported, hidden post and the mob – it’s all the bizarre news stories you need to know about.

EMINEM ONCE SAID “Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.”

There are no guarantees in this life, my friends. The only thing we can expect on his Godforsaken rock floating in space is the unexpected. Yep, the unexpected lurks around every corner – the weird, the wonderful, the downright bizarre.

Strap yourself in. We’re getting crazy. And that’s one thing you can guarantee.

A postman in Kentucky has been jailed for stashing 45,000 undelivered letters in his dead mother’s basement. William Morse faces six months behind bars plus six months of house arrest for the actions that police have described as “lazy”. So that’s where all my Christmas presents from Aunt Maude in Kentucky got to. Makes a lot of sense. Must apologise for branding her a liar in front of our extended family. (Mirror)

Economic hardship in Italy is forcing gangsters to give up crime. Some members of the Mafia in Sicily are being forced to get “real jobs” – according to one jailed mob boss. A Cosa Nostra don called Giovanni Di Giacomo was secretly recorded in prison giving out about his men having to get jobs due to the hotels and businesses they used to extort going out of business. Wow. Al Capone serving you in Roma II at the weekend after Coppers. Believe. (MSN)

joel9291 / YouTube

Research has shown that the more people involved in a decision, the more likely it is to be a bad decision. A study by Princeton University suggests that the “wisdom of crowds” or collective intelligence might not be as reliable as previously thought. So now. Scientific basis for your Mam telling you that too many cooks spoil the broth. (Telegraph)

Sri Lanka deported a British tourist for her Buddha tattoo. Legally, there is no ban on Buddhist tattoos in Sri Lanka, but the predominantly Buddhist country is notoriously sensitive about its religion. Ironically, the woman is a Buddhist herself. Immigration officials decided to deport her because some citizens could have gotten “offended”. Must have been, like, a REALLY badly rendered Buddha. Or maybe it said “I’ve got the figure of a God, pity it’s Buddha”? Who knows. (Reuters)

A giant Buddha located in Leshan, China. - Imgur Giant Buddha in Leshan, China Imgur Imgur

A woman is suing a New York hotel for $1m because she fell off a bar stool. Antoinette Allison was up in the Big Apple from Ohio, staying in the Syracuse Crowne Plaza. Allison’s complaint is that the stool was “too high off the ground”. Oh come on Allison. (Yahoo!)

China is to get the world’s fastest lift. The Guangzhou CTF Financial Centre in China, which opens its doors in 2016, will boast the world’s fastest lift. Yep, the huge skyscraper will reach speeds of 44 miles per hour (that’s 72km per hour, metric-lovers) – that means a 43 second journey to the 95th floor. Whoa. Far out. Or high up. Whichever.(MSN)

Hey you! Yes, you. You! Spotted any bizarre news in your local area? Let us know on pretty please with a cherry on top. Share the wealth! Ah, go on! 

Not full up of the weirdest stuff? Well, listen. We’ve got you covered. It’s all the previous unexpected news stories you might have missed>

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